John Sturm, is the Owner and Instructor of, Sturm's Driving School. He has over 22 years of Driver Education experience.  He proudly served in the USN as a Submariner and attended ODU as well as CNU to receive his teaching certificate.  He has traveled all over the world and chooses to call Gloucester his home. He has been married almost 40 years and has two beautiful daughters and two wonderful Grandsons.

Sturm's Driving School





Gloucester's Hometown Driving School

​​Our Mission:

At Sturm’s Driving School, our driver education program continually strives to help new drivers develop the skills and behaviors needed for safe, courteous, and collision-free driving. Our goal is to train all students enrolled in our program to their highest potential as a driver, to ensure that they communicate effectively, appropriately solve problems, and safely maneuver through today’s increasingly complex driving environment. The information and skills presented in this curriculum are designed to be compliant with Commonwealth of Virginia mandates and promote the development of students who respect and accept the responsibilities associated with the driving privilege